• Brichem (Haikou) Co. Ltd. is an international supplier of specialty chemicals, focusing on the supply of guanidine related products and cosmetic ingredients. 

    Brichem was founded in Haikou, Hainan Province in 2000 as Haikou Brightchem Trading Co. Ltd., and re-named the company as Brichem (Haikou) Co. Ltd. in 2006. With all these years’ fast growth and development, we have established our own manufacturing facilities and set up a long-term partnership with domestic manufacturers, which further enable us to provide quality products and variable solutions at competitive prices. We have become a leading supplier of guanidine products and a reliable supplier of cosmetic ingredients. The customers we serve are from all over the world. 

    Our product range includes: guanidine carbonate, guanidine phosphate, guanidine sulfate, guanidine HCL, guanylurea phosphate, aminoguanidine bicarbonate, aminoguanidine hemisulfate; and a wide range of cosmetic ingredients. Our product portfolio is continuously enriched much through the requests of our customers. With our professional experience in the chemical world, we can always satisfy customers' needs. 

    At Brichem, we believe in Honesty and Productivity. We offer customers Reliability, Commitment, Excellence and Service. Our mission is to help customers succeed and work to develop partnerships to exceed their expectations.

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